Tuesday, March 30, 2010

yahoo group for homeschoolers in India


Thursday, March 25, 2010

homeschooling in Sweden

Thanks to Priya, I had like a million questions about homeschooling. As i read more and more, I Happened upon a rather disturbing case of a 7 year old boy in Sweden and his family. Dominic's mom is Indian and father is Swedish. They seem to be orthodox christians and wanted to home school their child ( i believe a combo of religious reasons and just being very nature loving and alternative in life style). There about 100 kids in Sweden who are home schooled and it is anightmare because you have to get permission to home school every year and you can do unless something is wrong with your child medically or he/she is a misfit. YOu can do it for reasons like I do not like school ( irrespective of why you don't like school). Recently a family from Germany sort political asylum in USA for fear of persecution for trying to home school their child.
Both the case seems to have a christian slant and are supported by lawyers of HSLDA ( a organization in USA).

In the USA it seems like there are a lot of stereotypes about homeschooling and religious conservatives. I was disturbed with the stuff i read about in Sweden. I still think parents need to have a choice - on educating the child in what they deem is appropriate. What do you ladies think about Dominic's case or HSLDA. Love to know your thoughts.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unschooling at the Beach

This is absolutely lovely! And most days with Raghav are like this for me.....
Check out this link......http://www.home-educate.com/unschooling/beach.htm

A parent's thoughts on Unschooling


Friday, March 19, 2010

What does homeschooling mean to me?

To get up in the morning without looking at the clock and saying "oh god!"
To cuddle a little more in bed, just talk or lie gazing at each other without saying :"come on......there's no time.....time to get up!"
To smile a little longer, listen a little longer, talk a little longer
To paint, dance, read, listen, sing, figure things out together
whenever we feel like....
To be more complete
To explore, to learn and to create
following our hearts and minds
without any boundaries of time or space
without fear of being judged, admonished, belittled...
where we understand and make our own rules
and take responsibility for breaking them.....
where we can just learn and do things
simply for the joy they bring to us
not to please other people.....
to live for the moment
without fear of the future
To live life fully and savour every moment, every discovery.....
Breaking free from the shackles of "school"!

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