Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adding to what Priya said:

You know there was one more of the behaviours ???? highlighted. Your child has a big attitude. : It shocked us. Where does this come from . a principal and a person who has been seeing ( claims ) children for more than 25 years as a teacher and a very proud one at that. The explanation, though your child knows answers to the questions asked he does not want to answer. He has a look of the all knowing and who are you to ask ? A child of nearing 5, knowing what attitude means , surprising that experience can find things in a child one cannot dream of and so negative.
Believe me, it still rings in my ears .

I have a very happy and nice feeling about my son being home for sometime. Wanting to learn more to perhaps teach him, wondering what questions are to be answered , and will we know. I am ready to learn. I always believed that all of us have a child left in them. We should try to open this up and be them when we are with them.

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