Friday, April 9, 2010

Raghav's Last Day at School

This morning Raghav woke up early!.....a miracle in our lives! He was very happy and all-prepared to say bye to everyone at school today......he went off with a smile on his lips and a spring in his step, waving happily and saying a loud "bye" to me! It's been a long time since I have seen him like this!

I went to pick him up at school at 12:30. He agreed to leave soon, but only after he had said "bye"! So there he went on his rounds saying bye to all the kids - mostly from his class. But do you know something? The last thing he said was "bye!" The first thing he said was "I am not at all coming back to school ok!?" And that was what kept ringing in my ears for the next 15 minutes!......he said that to every single kid there! And to him it didn't matter what they said in return......some had a puzzled look, some frowned, some smiled......To him, it was like he was making sure that every single person there knew that he wouldn't be coming back! It was like he was making his presence felt.......then he ran inside to say that to all his teachers....every single one of them!....and so loudly! I am sure they have never seen him so jubilant, confident and loud before! As a mother, it was a happy experience to watch him assert himself, make his decision known and express himself without any fear.....I am so happy to be stepping into this journey of homeschooling on such a positive note!

I guess, to him, saying those words were very important......perhaps it gave his school experience a sense of closure......but you know, I have not seen him so happy for a long time!......I had tears in my eyes today......for his happiness.....and for the ordeal he had been putting up with for so long.....suddenly, he seemed to be like a bird set free.....breaking free.........reaching out to new horizons.......

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  1. He really feels and sounds like a free bird... wishing him all the joys of learning by being in touch with life around him..!


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