Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Puzzle Carpet

Today was Puzzle Day!......Raghav wanted to fill up his entire room with puzzles and drive his cars over them..........that was his objective for the day! And this was what he achieved this morning!.....perhaps he will continue tomorrow......

Raghav wanted to make a carpet of puzzles, and I must say that this definitely added colour to the house as you can see in the picture - better than the best Shyam Ahuja carpet!....I started the day with a grumble as I had to keep stepping on them to access other things in his room and couldn't clean the floor....but I enjoyed it as it progressed. Suddenly it became a work of art! And it got me thinking......we often tell kids not to step on books especially, because they are "God" - I am sure most of us grew up hearing this from our grandparents - but then, isn't God everywhere and in everything? Why is it ok to step on a carpet - even the most beautiful, hand-woven, expensive Kashmiri carpet? Should we not respect the hands that toiled to make it a work of art? Should we not respect everything for that matter? Then why is it ok to step on some things but not on others - like a kolam or a book or money? Funny we never question these simple things enough! Do any of you know why or think otherwise?

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  1. I guess I would think about the purpose of creation. Carpets are created to be laid on the floor. While they add beauty, their utility value is to be noted. Purpose of books is of c to be read...by telling us not to step on them, we have got a message to value them. To value their contents and what they symbolize. This value that has been passed on to us is one I would champion...

  2. I love this carpet Priya, I agree on the respecting everything part... now I am thinking that it's a fun exercise to review the worth and value of every minute thing around us, as it also makes us aware of what we have in our environment...

  3. Raghav seems to be having a great time
    Love the carpet
    your query has started me thinking
    and i like both kala and sowmya's answer

    I am still searching for mine

    thanks for raising them

  4. priya it's saraswati that one can't keep foot on and likewise kolam (lakshmi) etc.There is no problem with raghav's imagination as mine wants to cycle down his new toys!
    But u can pick up those colourful carpet puzzle squares from stores(we have Lifestyle here)and that would be better I feel,as he would value paper more.

  5. Tanya
    Yeah I know we all grew up listening to things like this - that books are saraswati.....and so on....that is not the point I am trying to make here - what I am trying to do is question myself and those ideas we were all brought up with! Are they right? what is right and wrong? saraswati is the goddess of knowledge.....but do we get knowledge from books alone? I believe we need to treat everything with respect and gratitude, in spite of their utility value. That was my point! Kids, by the things they do and say, make us question these beliefs and our values constantly!


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