Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What deschooling means to me....

Till three months ago, our lives revolved around Raghav's school......we started our day with "getting ready for school" and ended the day with "getting ready for school"!.....coming to think of it, our routines and his revolved around his school routine! School was life! Holidays were planned around it, outings and playtime was planned around it, family time was planned around it, eating times were planned around it.....can you imagine how "important" going to school was??

And to think that suddenly all that vanished! School became non-existent! We had nothing "to do" as a family every morning! I think that was the first thought and issue we had to confront in this "deschooling" process! Ourselves!

It takes time to adjust to any change and although Raghav was ecstatic about it and there was a drastic change in him after we took this decision, we had to come to terms with this "nothing to do". I think that is what deschooling means to me now......having nothing to do that is imposed from outside....where everything you do comes from within.....you do something because you want to do it.....

We have learnt to adjust to a life without school and in the process we are discovering and understanding each other better, are learning to be more comfortable with ourselves, figuring out what is important to learn, what is possible to learn and to learn with understanding, meaning and joy.

Time seems to have stopped suddenly......or slowed down!.....we don't have to rush all the time anymore......we can do what we want and when we want.....we are learning to value and manage our time better....

We are learning to question our own ideas, thoughts and beliefs on education, life, values and other issues.....we learning to rely on ourselves....we are learning to be free....learning to just be!


  1. I am envious... of time having stopped and slowed down... for kids of today, doing from within is virtually non existent with their 'clocked' routines. Very proud to know you both and what you both believe in, and your ability to nurture those beliefs with conviction...

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  3. You have great courage - to deschool and take on the huge responsibility that comes post deschooling. All the best! :)

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