Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forming a National Body of Homeschoolers in India

Dear fellow homeschoolers/unschoolers/deschoolers -
This is for all those who are looking at anything other than conventional schooling for their children.

Some of us homeschooling parents are getting together to form a national  body to represent the homeschooling community in India and advocate for our and our children's rights. So we are in the process of first gathering data about homeschooling families in India.

If you are interested in this cause and would like to know more details, please do check out the following Facebook pages and follow the thread of discussion for the above:
* India Homeschoolers
* India Learning - Home & Alternate Schoolers, Educators, Experts and Parents and
* India Group for Homeschoolers & Alternative Education

We wish to get data on all the homeschooling families in India and would like you to fill in the details in the form that was created for the group for this purpose.The link to the document is below. If we have this data in place it would be a huge step and we would perhaps not be looked upon as faceless voices in our journey to advocate our right (and our children's right) to homeschool. So please fill in the details as soon as possible and do also get others who you know are homeschooling in India, to fill in their details. If you have any concerns or queries, please do voice them in the FB group, as this is an open, tranparent forum and what we are trying
to do is for our kids.....Thanks!

https://docs. google.com/ spreadsheet/ ccc?key=0AnRZhBw lie_2dHVaSjhJVWw 3REJzOVR6dnQyV25 iaFE

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